I remember ...

                      I remember ...  September 

It is a bitter sweet month, filled with tears of joy and tears of grief.

Too many tragedies, so when this months life events roll around we feel the void of death and relive the pain.  Always in our heart and never erased from our mind.

Love and prayers to all those who lost a loved one on 911.  My deepest condolences.


And for my family, it is hard to celebrate September's joyous life events, a birthday and three weddings, without missing our little rascal Ben. Blessing!

Marie Rivera Morales 


 Wake-Up-Call?  Or the rambling’s of a crazy Puerto Rican woman! 


Yesterday, was a good yet painful day.  This morning, I woke to the ugly truth that has haunted me for decades, I am obese and my actions to help myself fight obesity don’t work. 

Wow! That was hard to admit and to put it in writing mabe a good sign.  As each year passes, it gets easier to lie to oneself or blame it on a series of unpleasant, stressful and at times sad life events.

The DOMINO effect is a reality but it has never been the reason that my mirror gets foggy.  You may not know what I mean, it is when you put a defuser filter on a camera to soften a persons aging lines.  Celebrities do it all the time.  The reality is everyone see’s me except me and no filter is going to help.  Yesterday, Hector, a new acquaintance took a picture of me that was not a group shot or a family shot which takes the focus off me as an individual.  No, this video showed just me at an angle and it was a revelation because it was the ugly me, this huge figure that I hate.

Even Confucius took a poke at me this morning with his simple insight  “When it is obvious that the goals cannot be reached, don’t adjust the goals, adjust the action steps.”  Well, clearly that hasn’t worked either or could it?  

This is my dilema,  more like a nightmare in a life loop.  Yup, today definitely feels like judgement day and I am not going to heaven, and I am not going to hell, there has to be a place for people like me, not bad yet not perfect.  And by perfect, I mean that natural instinct that takes you on one path then switches automatically to a better life road naturally, without any effort or doubt.  

Get real, you are on planet Earth, not in limbo.  And Confucius, though witty is not going to help you.  Remember, there are no Puerto Rican prima-donna’s, only tough real women who take the bull by the horns and work with the deck of cards life is dealing them because that is what we do and that is what I will do today... To-Be-Continued.

Just Maguida
August 6, 2018 @ 9:53 AM

Wake-Up-Call? ¡O las divagaciones de una loca puertorriqueña!


¡O las divagaciones de una 
loca puertorriqueña! 

Ayer, fue un día bueno pero doloroso.

Esta mañana, me despierto a la verdad fea que me ha perseguido durante décadas, soy obesa y mis acciones para ayudarme a luchar contra la obesidad no funcionan. ¡Guauu! Eso fue difícil de admitir y ponerlo por escrito aunque sea difícil, tal vez una buena señal. A medida que pasan los años, es más fácil mentirse o culpar a una serie de acontecimientos de la vida desagradables, estresantes y, a veces, tristes.

El efecto DOMINO es una realidad, pero nunca ha sido la razón por la que mi espejo se nubla. Puede que no sepas a qué me refiero, es cuando pones un filtro defusor en una cámara para suavizar el aspecto, para que tus líneas envejecidas no se vean, las celebridades lo hacen todo el tiempo. La realidad es que todos me ven excepto yo y ningún filtro va a ayudar. Mírame, ayer, Héctor, un nuevo conocido me tomó una foto que no era una foto grupal o una foto familiar que me quita el enfoque como individuo. No, este video me mostró en un ángulo y fue una revelación porque era el yo feo, esta enorme figura que odio.

Incluso Confucio me criticó esta mañana con su simple intuición "Cuando es obvio que los objetivos no se pueden alcanzar, no ajuste los objetivos, ajuste los pasos de acción". Bueno, claramente eso tampoco funcionó o podría hacerlo. ?

Este es mi dilema, más como una pesadilla en un ciclo de vida. Sí, hoy definitivamente se siente como el día del juicio y no voy al cielo, y no voy al infierno, tiene que haber un lugar para personas como yo, no está mal pero no es perfecto. Y por perfecto, me refiero a que el instinto natural que te lleva por un camino cambia automáticamente a un mejor camino de vida de forma natural, sin ningún esfuerzo o duda.

Hazte real, estás en el planeta Tierra, no en el limbo. Y Confucio, aunque ingenioso no te va a ayudar. Recuerda, no hay las únicas mujeres duras de la prima donna puertorriqueña que toman el toro por los cuernos y trabajan con el mazo de cartas que la vida les está dando porque eso es lo que hacemos y eso es lo que haré.

Solo Maguida

6 de agosto de 2018 a las 9:53 a.m.

Navigating the “F” word “What the F____!” 🤭

Navigating the “F” word 

“What the F____!”

 We hear it all the time on TV, among adults, teens and even younger kids to express an emotion. 

This is a hard phrase to block when raising kids.  What to do? Be proactive.

I decided to explain to my 8 year old that the word is used to express emotions of annoyance, rejection, disgust, and at the same time, depending on the circumstances, it can also express something good and exciting. But the word is ugly and not to be used. 

Instead use the word heck which is used to express the same emotions and sounds just as cool!
What the heck is going on?
What the heck happened!
What the heck, let’s do it your way.

Let’s all campaign against the “F” word and use Heck instead.

My thoughts written by :Marie M.Rivera aka Maguida
August 17, 2018 @ 8:05 AM

In memory of Wally Filler, a human weaver.

Human lassos are born with that special quality, that innate gift and instinct that opens the door to ones heart. And this special being as they are cultivated through the years radiates kindness and love to everyone they meet. 

I am not just talking about a friendly charismatic person, who has tons of friends and is successful in everything they try. No, a human lassoer goes deeper, they really care, they really feel your pain and they don’t stand by to video your experiences. They thoughtlessly enter you personal space and help make your life better. 

Wally was a lassoer, he connected with every being he meet. You might say that we are all connected, true but we are not all weavers. Think about it for a moment, Wally was a person who touched everyone he meet, a natural human lassoer that connected not only with his family which is a natural reaction, he touched in different ways the lives of so many people. I am especially thankful that he embraced my daughter Lou, not as a daughter in law but as a lovingly father and he weaved our family into his loving lasso. 

Now, he weaves his magic in that place beyond our reach where we have another weaver Ben. Together, they will weave the heavens and fill our hearts with love.

In memory of Wally Filler, a human weaver.

By Marie Rivera Morales

July 25, 2018 at 11:54am

The IceCube observatory near the South Pole

The IceCube observatory near the South Pole has been picking up high-energy neutrinos since 2013. But to find out precisely where they came from, it needed a little help from other telescopes.

If something is violent enough to spit out high-energy neutrinos, the reasoning goes, it must also throw off light, such as gamma-rays, radio-waves and X-rays.

So when IceCube picked up the tell-tale signs of a high-energy neutrino on September 22 last year, it sent the neutrino's cosmic coordinates to the astronomical community: a line of sight just off the left shoulder of the Orion constellation.

Super interesting article:  http://www.abc.net.au/news/science/2018-07-13/neutrino-antarctica-icecube-astroparticle-physics-blazar/9981794

A good morning to you!

So true. My interpretation:

Every day is a gift, a new chance in life.

Smile, look ahead, you have a chance to change your destiny.

If you are brilliant and accomplished, pass on some positive encouragement on someone today so they too can be brilliant and shine.

If you are like me, just a person who loves life and always likes to start a new day with a smile. Think about what can enhance your spirit, stimulate your mind and share your gift with another.

If today is not really a glory day for you, then this message is especially for you.

It is not easy to put our pain and sadness aside but maybe just for part of the day try...

—Go to the mirror and give yourself a smile and yes a silly wink.

—You are a special person, a gift from the universe.

—Sunny day or stormy, a smile in the mirror is a step forward that can change your day.

—Maybe you can even brighten the day for someone, by just giving them a hello with a smile.

Love the person you are now and how you are because you are perfect. ♥️

From Marie M. Rivera to you with love.

7/9/2018 @ 8:42am